I am so happy you are here. My name is Erik N. Smith, and I’m a creative director, designer, strategist, and thinker. I hope you enjoy my website and learning about me. Thank you for visiting.

Zentro Internet Rebrand


Rheem at Work Campaign



This brochure is designed to effectively communicate why and what LiftMaster has to offer for a particular use-case scenario.


Logo animation

Guinness Open Gate

who me

Hello, thanks again for stopping by, and like I said, I’m Erik, and I’m a designer, thinker, and animator living in Chicago. I have been working in the advertising and marketing space for over a decade. I’ve worked on various projects during this time, including branding, logos, brochures, catalogs, packaging, in-store environments, trade show signage, front-end web design, and video. I would say that I have had my hand in a little bit of everything.

If you want to learn more about me, how I work, or you might have an opportunity, please feel free to get in touch.

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